Gabriel Tremblay, Health Economist


Fields of expertise

Health economics and pharmacoeconomics of drugs

Economic evaluations of health technologies and surgeries

Health economics in hospital settings

Burden and Cost-of-Illness

Using Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO) in health economics (such as QALYs)

Sub-groups and niches health economics

Orphan drug health economics

Personalized medicine health economics

Macro health economics (impact assessment, health indicators...)

Research stage health economics and R&D economics

Public health economics

Economic evaluation of social programs

Type of studies and services offered

Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics

Health Economics: Communication and Strategy


  • Evaluation of necessary evidence for economic evaluation in early stages of development
  • Gap analysis to evaluate what missing information and development needs
  • Planning of health economic work, evidence development and analysis
  • Planning of health economic endpoints and development (QALY, health outcomes, etc.)
  • Review of economic analysis, participation in expert panels (research or evaluation)


  • Develop communication materials, review and advise on communication in health economics

Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics

  • Analysis of drugs, medical devices, surgeries and other treatment options
  • Sub-group analysis, personalized medicine economic analysis, niche analysis, and health economics research

Type of studies

  • Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) with cost per unit of health as measured
  • Cost-utility analysis (CUA) with cost per QALY
  • Cost-minimization analysis (CMA)
  • Budget Impact Analysis (BIA and BIM)
  • Cost-consequence analysis (CCA)

Economic evaluation of social and health programs

Social programs

  • Socio-economic evaluation of social and health programs
  • Public health economics (vaccination, prevention, screening, etc.)
  • Prevention economics and assessment of program efficacy

Type of studies

  • Cost-benefit analysis (CBA) including willingness-to-pay analysis or monetization of specific impact
  • Socio-economic analysis of programs with economic impact assessment or efficacy analysis of the programs with health and cost index
  • Economic assessment of R&D and investment in healthcare and pharmaceutical industry (subsidies, investment, etc.)

Evidence-based-medicine for Health Economics

Decision models, disease Modelling and Epidemiology


  • Patient flow and projection of patients
  • Patients burden and health outcomes

Health Modelling

  • Health states modeling and disease progression (Markov model...)
  • Decision model (decision tree...) and discrete models
  • Disease transmission modelling (infectious disease, epidemics and pandemics)
  • Patient simulation modelling

Payers, patients and Evidence-base medicine


  • Prospective claim analyses
  • Medical need to fulfill


  • Quality-of-life analysis
  • Utility assessment with conjoint analysis to develop QALYs

Evidence-based medicine

  • Indirect treatment comparison (ITC)
  • Mixed treatment comparison (MTC)
  • Meta-analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • Health outcomes statistics and analysis